“I was referred to Lynn by a friend of mine after we started noticing some strange behavioral issues with our dog, Mystic.

Lynn found out that Mystic was upset because of a relationship with a male in our home.  She felt he was being short with her because she had done something wrong.  My husband wasn’t spending as much time with her due to a change in his schedule. Lynn asked us if a white shirt or coat had any significance and that Mystic kept showing it to her.  Lynn had never met my husband or myself and had no way of knowing that my husband changed into a white t-shirt every day after work and then (before the change in schedule) spent time with Mystic

Thank you Lynn for being the voice for Mystic and for giving our animal companions the opportunity to tell us what we need to hear in order to make their lives better.”

– Shelly & Mystic


“When I spoke with Lynn about Reiki for my dog, I knew she could help him immensely.  Lynn is so “in tune” with animals, that Reiki and Animal Communication comes easily for her. With her Reiki session, my dog became filled with a new energy and healed more quickly than anticipated.

Lynn has shown me that her level of skill is incomparable, and she uses those skills with INTEGRITY.  Her deep respect for all that has been Created is what sets her apart from many, many people.  Her compassion is evident with every Reiki and Animal Communication session.

I would highly recommend Lynn Gaylard!”

– Shaun Constand