reikiWhat is Reiki?

Reiki is a modality that treats the whole person; it facilitates healing and relaxation and has a balancing effect on the qi (pronounced chi) or life force as well as the Chakra systems. Reiki energy (Light energy) cannot do harm, and is suitable for people of all ages as well as animals. The Reiki practitioner is simply a conduit of the energy, and while it brings spiritual gratification, it is not a religion and therefore has no dogma (principles laid down by an authority). In fact, Reiki therapy is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you or I believe in it or not.

What are Reiki’s benefits?

Reiki supports healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. The balancing effects tend to release tension in the muscles, and most experience deep relaxation. Reiki can also affect the release of cellular memories causing you to remember things long forgotten. Occasionally there is a gentle detoxing effect (flushing out of body fluids) and you will be encouraged to keep yourself well hydrated after a session. Reiki energy can raise the frequencies of your natural healing vibrations which can enhance responses to traditional medical practices and medicines. The key words here are “enhance responses to” not “replace’ them. Reiki is a valuable tool for preventative health care. The emotional and spiritual balancing of Reiki create relaxation so that the body/mind has time to recalibrate.  Eventually you will begin to monitor and deflect outside pressures in a more healthy and timely fashion. The same is true for animals; Reiki can break negative cycles created by imbalance, thereby enhancing the bond with your pets. It is also useful in end of life situations bringing about a peaceful atmosphere.

How is it done?

The art of laying hands on humans or animals for comfort and relief of pain seems as old as life itself. Have you ever put your hands on a hurt with the intent of making it feel better? Reiki sessions take place seated, standing, lying down, in your own home or at the designated work place of the practitioner. Reiki can also be done by long distance at a pre-arranged time and place. When you make an appointment you will be instructed to arrive wearing comfortable clothing. The Reiki “room” will be softly lit with some quiet music and incense, or not, according to your preference, to create a relaxing space. A blanket and support pillows will be available for your comfort. Typically, an energetic body scan is performed in order to assess any areas that seem to radiate unusual energy. Generally there is light physical contact during a Reiki session as the practitioner places their hands in various positions, but this is not a necessity if the client is not comfortable with it.

Reiki for animals is done a little differently. Animals have a higher degree of energetic sensitivity and more often than not, will need to be allowed to choose how far away they will accept the Reiki energy. More commonly (in the case of animals) the practitioner comes to your home so that your pet is comfortable, or as mentioned for humans, Reiki can also be done from long distance at an appointed time with the client observing any reactions. During your session (or your pet’s) it is quite acceptable to converse quietly when your Reiki practitioner gives you a cue that it is okay.

Pricing and Payment