About Lynn

I am a Reiki Master, trained in the Usui tradition.  I have been privileged to have had two wonderfully intuitive teachers of good lineage. My first certificate courses were taught by Christine Reidel of Paris, Ontario and more recently I had the pleasure of studying under Kerri Fargo B.A. RT-CRA  of Waterdown Ontario. I have also taken courses to expand my already pronounced intuitive abilities, and my animal communications skills came about naturally. I have been blessed under the tutelage of women who were chosen for me by circumstances that I had no hand in. Should I begin teaching my own students in future, I will endeavour to honour these teachers and the Angels/Guides/and whomever else took part in my life journey. I will always be learning and I will always be striving to bring the best and my best to all who cross my path!

And now, for a little more about my life.
I began life as a very sensitive and ridiculously happy little girl.  My earliest recollections began when I was three, not coincidentally, my first memory of being able to do things that were a bit unusual.  In truth, I didn’t know until I was a teenager that my skills were unusual but by that time, I had been tightly bound by fear, no longer sharing my unimportant and strange perceptions.

It is really difficult to confine this kind of thing into a box.  It seeps out like wisps of smoke, and in some of the most interesting and sometimes frightening ways.

While at work I would suddenly “see” my telephone at home, hear the ringing and know that when I got home I needed to phone my mother because it was she, that was phoning me at that very moment.  When I was married, I would desperately run around preparing my home for the unannounced arrival of my mother in law (why do they do that?) an hour before she arrived at my door.

Several years later, my beloved cat arrived home during a storm in serious pain.  I could find no trace of an injury even though I endured hissing, snarls and a couple of uncharacteristic bites and scratches.  Finally, in tears, I begged him to tell me what was wrong.  Come morning, I awoke from a vivid and repetitious “dream” of a jaw bone in the dark that kept snapping in two in the chin area.  By the time I had packed the cat into the car, I had already forgotten the crazy dream.  X-rays and check-up completed, the vet informed me that somehow my cat had broken his jaw, yup, right in the center of the chin, and his jaw had to be wired for several months.  I was too intimidated to tell the vet that my shock was twofold.  What on earth would he think of me, if I shared such a wild story?

I dreamt the time and death of a fellow student while I was getting my grade 12 at George Brown in TO.  I made the mistake asking my three-year-old son “what do you see?” when he was showing signs of seeing something that I could not.  He had even begun to follow “it” into the next room.  I “saw” everything, in detail, in full color as if from his eyes and I was shaken to the core.  I witnessed the legs of a man go through the front door but was still unbelieving so I asked my son, who was now staring at the door, where the man went and he pointed and said “out”.

While trying to indulge my more acceptable gift with animals I took a course in animal massage, but somehow misread the course curriculum and found myself in a level one Reiki course.  It was meant to be, and as the tide gate opened wide and  I continued, becoming a Reiki Master.  I discovered that Animal Communication was not as unusual as I thought and took courses to condition myself to hear more clearly.  I now embrace my abilities as a normal function of life and offer you my services as a human and animal Reiki practitioner.  I love my life again, I love waking up in the morning and not knowing what I will experience next.

I believe you are part of my journey and I also believe I am part of yours, I look forward to meeting and working with you and your pets.




Lynn Gaylard RM

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.
Tony Robbins


It is my intention in this life to serve others; I do this by offering healing to my clients, facilitating peace and harmony in their lives.  Further, I attempt to create understanding by offering the skills and abilities that I have available to me, to share, and give voice to those who are unable to communicate verbally.I continue to learn by accepting the teachings of those I communicate and work with and by seeking out new knowledge through formal teachings in order to bring the best techniques for each unique client.

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